Vehicle Telematics Analytics for Transport & Logistics Leaders

The onset of massive amounts of data available through telematics devices has significantly impacted logistics leaders and their global view of supply chain operations.

In fact, now there’s an overabundance of data causing information overload on their existing analytics systems, forcing them to pre-aggregate and downsample, potentially jeopardizing the integrity of their query results and thereby unraveling their tightly knit planning and scheduling.

A potential nightmare that can be easily avoided.

See how, by integrating the HEAVY.AI platform with your existing analytics toolset, you can instantly take advantage of all of your telematics data—even in billions of rows—and view your query results on an interactive and intuitive dashboard of maps, graphs, charts and tables, including your complete supply chain operation or immediately drill down to a single subject.

Here’s a sampling of what’s inside:

  • Improve on-time delivery rates

  • Optimize routes with machine learning workflows

  • Maximize 360-degree view of all vehicles

  • Monitor driver behavior

  • Deploy condition-based maintenance (CBM)

Stay ahead of the game and in front of your competition.

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