5G Optimization and Data Science Challenge

Learn how to make the best 5G investments

How Telcos Are Optimizing 5G Investments with Geospatial Data Visualization

Providing telco analysts and data scientists with the right tools to quickly act on 5G and big data, is one of the best 5G investments and enables telcos to deliver the new world of wireless that we are all anticipating.

Learn how delivering on the performance promises of 5G requires strategic thinking about capital, spectrum, and performance optimization of 5G networks before investing in 5G technology and infrastructure.

This 5G optimization whitepaper explains:

  • The three major 5G optimization challenges
  • How using geospatial data informs 5G investment to drive future growth
  • How using spatiotemporal data helps to plan networks efficiently and reduce interference
  • Why spatial analytics is important to visualize events in real-time to improve customer experience.
  • Real world examples of how major telcos are leveraging accelerated analytics to overcome technical 5G challenges

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