HEAVY.AI Advanced Analytics Whitepaper

HEAVY.AI Prescriptive and Predictive Analytics Whitepaper

Download the HEAVY.AI Technical White Paper on Analytics for an introduction to the HEAVY.AI's integrated ecosystem. Learn how HEAVY.AI empowers businesses and governments to visualize high-value opportunities and risks hidden in their heaviest location and time data. 

HEAVY.AI provides an immersive, instantaneous, and interactive way to visually explore even the largest datasets and reveal otherwise hidden insights. This solution provides incredible value for industries that need to manage and extract useful information from massive datasets. 

The big data analytics white paper explains:

  • The integrated Heavy Immerse, Heavy Render, HeavyDB and HeavyConnect ecosystem,
  • How interactive visual analytics brings billions of rows of data to life for analysts and data scientists,
  • How Heavy Render delivers query results to the front-end for complex, interactive visualizations, 
  • Common HEAVY.AI analytics solutions to deliver the fastest operational geospatial analytics and data science capabilities to businesses and government, 
  • The new HeavyConnect no-movement approach to caching data so organizations can avoid ingesting big data into HeavyDB directly, and
  • Some customer case studies in business, government, defense and intelligence organizations 

Read the HEAVY.AI Advanced Analytics Whitepaper and learn how you can get answers to your biggest questions, instantly. 

Download the advanced data analytics white paper PDF today!