Accelerated Weather & Climate Risk Analysis for Electric Utilities

Challenges Faced by Utility Industry:

Electric utility companies are adopting advanced climate data analysis tools such as;

  • high-resolution weather & climate models
  • remotely sensed imagery and LiDAR
  • intelligent sensors
  • and other complex data layers

to identify potential hazards to transmission networks, maximize uptime, and keep the communities they serve safe. Unfortunately, the explosion of complex data has outpaced legacy analytics solutions' ability to perform weather and climate risk analysis in a reasonable amount of time.

Opportunities in Utility Industry:

Powered by a hardware-accelerated architecture, HEAVY.AI enables electric utilities and vegetation management specialists to instantly analyze, visualize, and interact with their massive, multi-sourced data with accelerated climate data analysis software. 
This includes;

  • Finding climate risk solution from patterns and anomalies through maps and charts
  • Understanding unique weather behaviors over time and place
  • Comparing weather & climate risk scenario analysis by toggling between different models in dashboards
  • Identifying and measuring relationships between electric utility infrastructure and weather forecasts with super-fast SQL and python
  • Predicting vegetation growth, determining new fire hazards, and mitigating the threat of catastrophic wildfires through accelerated ML workflows. 

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