Solution Brief: GPU-Accelerated Public Sector Analytics and Data Science for Instant Insights

OmniSci Public Sector Analytics: An Immersive, Instantaneous and Interactive way to Explore Vast Data Sets

Legacy data analytics tools have not kept pace with the torrent of new data streaming from the world around us. From the growing number of Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to census, public health, social media, and imagery data, our ability to collect big data in public sector has outpaced our ability to analyze it. This has led to:

  • The inability to render large amounts of important geospatial or location data
  • Delayed time to insight
  • Increased hardware footprints and costs
  • Inaccurate assessment as data sets are sliced up and down-sampled to squeeze into legacy systems

OmniSci provides the GPU-acceleration and rendering necessary to handle the scale of modern public sector data. This unlocks the ability for interactive geospatial visualization with insights in milliseconds. Up to 1,000 times faster than traditional analytical platforms!

Read the solution brief today and accelerate your organization’s big data public sector use cases.

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