GPU-Advanced Analytics and Data Science for the Intelligence Community

HEAVY.AI's Accelerated Analytics: An Immersive, Instantaneous and Interactive way to Explore Vast Data Sets

Legacy tools for data analytics and visualization have grown saturated, and today's data-driven government agencies demand analysis at the speed fo thought, which poses numerous challenges throughout the organization. 

  • Lack of decision-making during simultaneous inflection points of data and computing eras. 
  • Too much data: Inability for intelligence officers to analyze the data they collect resulting in 40% of US federal government data not being utilized. 
  • Increased need for human-computer collaborative decision making. 

HEAVY.AI gives intelligence agencies the fastest data analytics for decisions when every second matters. From large-scale interactive location analytics to intuitive data visualization, HEAVY.AI is mission ready to perform real-time analysis and AI on billions of rows of both commercial and internal data. 

Read the solution brief today and accelerate your organization’s big data use cases.

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